Stretching exercises for horses

Too often, riders solely focus on the muscle aspect and ignore the beneficial effects that stretching exercises can have on their horses. Indeed, flexibility plays an equally important role, especially regarding the horse’s gaits and range of movement. Stretching and musculation work are inseparable and must be carried out daily. The horse’s muscular system… For…

By Daphne Maujean February 11, 2021 0

Gymnasticising as the basis of winter training

Our R&D Team has been looking at the benefits of gymnastic exercises for horses and riders. Suppleness, coordination, harmony, release and posture can all be improved through good gymnastic training. We discuss “gymnasticising” your horse along with various exercises that you can do.  I. The benefits of gymnastic training Gymnastic training allows you to improve…

By Zachary Bazin January 11, 2021 0