Preparing my horse for performance

Preparing my horse for performance

October 20, 2020 Off By Daphne Maujean

The respect of the horse’s physical integrity in order to improve his level of performance is our commitment. We believe that it can be done through regular work at home by focusing on the gestion of work intensity in order to be ready for competition.

The alimentation habits, the living conditions, health and morale are also specificities that impact the horse’s performance. The iPulse will focus on physical integrity, which is a major element regarding health and performance for the equine athlete. Our connected girth is a tool that will help riders to keep track and to improve horses’ physical and cardiac abilities. It will also allow riders to train on their canter rhythm at home in order to match the rhythm they need during events.

1. Heart Rate

The iPulse helps taking care of the horse’s physical integrity.

Indeed, with the girth, you are able to keep track of your horse’s heart rate at rest and during work sessions, but also his recovery time. Every moment is a specific source of information regarding your horse’s state of shape.

The iPulse helps improving the horse’s physical conditions.

If every indicator above is green and if the horse is in a good shape, it is time to go further in his training. Why?

Because the horse is an athlete, and should be considered as such. Improving his cardiovascular system will bring him numerous advantages.

Thanks to the heart rate analysis, we can enhance the horse’s physical performance and prevent from potential health problems. Therefore, physical integrity and performance are closely related.

The use of heart rate analysis and its multiple indicators can be interesting when:

  • Preparing at home the cardiac intensity necessary while competing
  • Getting a horse back to work in complete safety
  • Developing a young horse’s physical conditions
  • Not overtraining an elder horse
  • Get reassured on the physical shape of your horse at the beginning of a training session (if the heart rate is normal or not)
  • Improving the horse’s recovery time (between two exercises or at the end of a training session)
  • Keeping record of the horse’s progress over time (per week, per month, per year)

As you can see, the heart rate analysis can serve many purposes, and as such it is an important tool to get to know your horse better, whether you are a professional rider or not.

2. The Speed

In combination with the physiological data, the iPulse allows you to measure your instantaneous speed during work sessions. This is key information in order to get prepared for future events and to keep a record of your trainings.

The analysis of the speed, given through the phone speakers or the headphones, will help you to train on the canter rhythm needed during competition.

It is rare to gallop at the same speed between training and competition. Indeed, in competition the rhythm needs to be between 350 and 400 meters per minute, which is rarely the case when training at home. With the iPulse girth, we offer you the possibility to find out what this speed really means and to objectify the sensations you perceive both during training and competition.  The pace is also given with the live mode and it allows you to know if, when your horse’s speed increases, it is due to the fact that he gallops faster (faster pace when the speed increases) or that he lengthens his strides (same pace when the speed increases).

The iPulse is collecting these data during your training and gives you a complete feedback at the end of it. It collects only the essentials parameters that will be useful to help you prepare for performance.

An elastic band goes thrugh the girth, making it dynamic.

It also has a specific and unique design, thought for the comfort of the equine athlete. The iPulse is equipped with a continuous elastic band, allowing it to adapt to the horse’s movements. Thanks to this elastic band, the girth is dynamic which means it will reduce the thoracic pressures and free the horse’s movements. This elastic band also allows the rider to girth almost every horse from 125cm to 140cm thanks to an adjustable buckles system.

Buckles system to change the size of the girth depending on the horse’s size.

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