New release: the short iPULSE girth!

New release: the short iPULSE girth!

July 16, 2021 Off By Daphne Maujean

Available in short format for a few weeks, the iPULSE girth is now accessible to riders of all disciplines!

After the commercialization in 2019 of the iPULSE girth in a standard format, we were eager to develop the short format in order to make the technologies and advantages of the iPULSE available for the largest number of riders.

Differing features…

The short iPULSE has been developed to meet the needs of riders evolving with single-flap saddles. As all CWD equipments, the short iPULSE girth is designed to respect the horse, its physical integrity, its abilities and its performances.

The girth has a V-girthing system, which respects the girthing axis of single-flap saddles in order to limit and better distribute the pressure points. The horse’s well-being is also improved with additional foams in the center of the girth for greater comfort at the sternum. 

The short iPULSE is available in black or dark brown color to satisfy everyone’s preferences, and can fit all types of horses with a size range from 50cm (20 inch) to 80cm (32 inch). 

short iPULSE girth

Its ergonomic design allows for maximum respect of the horse’s anatomy with a better distribution of pressure, thus offering more comfort and ease of movement.

But the same abilities as the standard iPULSE!

Like the standard iPULSE, the sensors and electrodes are directly integrated into the short iPULSE. It makes it possible to use the girth in the same way as a normal one, for greater practicality and easier cleaning.

The technologies integrated into the iPULSE make it an essential asset to follow-up of your horses:

In the anticipation of potential health problems, through the accurate monitoring of heart rate and recovery

During the preparation of horse and rider for performance, through the use of physical and cardiac training protocols

In the evaluation of progress, through the analysis on the short, medium and long term of the horse’s performances

On the technical level, the short iPULSE girth has exactly the same abilities as the original one: an autonomy of at least 30 hours, splashproof sensors, a built-in memory, and hear-rate display LEDs. The iPULSE’s box fits in the designated compartment, which is hermetically sealed against dust and splashes.

iPULSE box compartment CWD

Coupled with the iSPORT application via bluetooth, the girth allows you to accurately monitor your horse’s heart rate at rest, during training and competitions, as well as its speed and stride frequency. You can therefore analyze your horse’s activity with near medical precision and obtain relevant information on its health. 

If needed, we offer tutorials on how to use the iSPORT application and how to analyze the data.

After your training, the data of the iPULSE girth will automatically be synchronized with the application. You can then access the recap of your training. It allows you to analyze it step by step, measure your horse’s progress, monitor its physical condition and its performances.

Don’t hesitate any longer and go for the iPULSE girth, an innovative way to perform while always respecting your horse!

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