Éric Muhr testifies

January 8, 2021 0 By Daphne Maujean

We believe that the customer experience is essential when riders choose their riding equipment. This is the reason why we decided to share with you multiple testimonies of riders using the iSPORT gear on a daily basis, whether they are professional, top level riders or even amateur riders.

Today, we will present you Éric Muhr's testimony.

Éric Muhr is a top-level rider and coach based in the south of France, near Aix en Provence. Throughout the years, a solid partnership has been built between the manager of the Haras des Templiers and CWD. Nowadays, Éric daily uses the iPULSE girth by CWD. In our continuous improvement process, we stay in close contact with the users of our innovative products. Discover how our rider uses the iPULSE connected girth and all the information resulting from it.

How does Éric Muhr use the girth with his horses ?

As we know, with the iPULSE we have access to several types of information. Indicators about the horse’s locomotion (speed, cadence, time spent at each pace…) as well as physiological indicators (heart rate curves, recovery time, effort zones).

The girth makes it possible for him to carry out a more precise follow-up by collecting objective data regarding his top-level horses. It is also a way to get to know them better and to determine how fit and stressed they are in competition compared to training sessions.

Quote Eric Muhr using iPULSE girth

The advantage of the girth is its practicality: we use it like an ordinary girth and at the end we receive useful and easy-to-understand data. More than just the live mode, Eric mainly uses the report that is given at the end of the session. All there is to do is to put the girth and the phone down near each other and the data will appear automatically.

“I let the girth operate, I have nothing to do, and I look at the results after the session. It allows me to complete what I feel when riding and to compare my horses with one another.” 

What is the most interesting feature according to him?

The strong point, as we mentioned, is the relevance of the data collected and the links that can be made between them.

“The most interesting data, without a doubt, is the cardio but I also appreciate the fact of comparing it to the overall effort, the length and the nature of the session, the speed and the recovery time…”

In a second step, Éric tells us he also looks at the effort zones that allow, in a glance, to have the visual translation of the whole session. It helps him to quickly and easily assess the level of difficulty of the training for each horse. When there is a part of the session in the zone 5 (very high effort) it shows us that the training has been intense, and if we have done a similar training it allows us to compare different horses.

“The little extra, out of the cardiac indicators, is the time spent at each pace that I look every time in order to adapt the next workout.”

Like all “horse men”, Éric Muhr is attentive to the physical integrity and the well-being of his horses. Therefore, this tool makes it possible to match data with feelings in order to bring reliable indications on the physical state of the horse.

Thanks to the iPULSE, we can the horses’ stress phenomena. We realize that, for example, some horses have a high heart rate even before starting the training session. And when we start working, horses finally concentrate and their heart rate gradually decreases… Evidently, it then goes back up with the effort. It allows to see the most stressful moments for the horse and to adapt functioning and habits in order to attenuate stress when we saddle-up or when we enter the arena for example.”

Our connected girth will never replace the experience gained over the years. However, it helps you to understand better your horses and to adopt an objective approach towards the respect of their physical integrity.