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Leading my horse to performance with the iPULSE

Our goal? To help you progress and improve your level of performance, while always respecting your horse’s physical integrity. Several factors – the living conditions, food, morale, … – influence the horse’s well-being and therefore his performances. The iPULSE is a tool that helps you evaluate the physical and cardiac abilities of your horse. With…

By Daphne Maujean June 4, 2021 Off

The importance of a well-fitted girth

As there are different types of saddles, there are also different types of girth. Whether it is in their design (short or long), their shape (classic, anatomical, belly-guarded, articulated) or their materials (leather, elastic, neoprene, sheepskin or even mesh), each girth is different. Over time, girths have undergone many changes. Mainly in rope or fabric…

By Daphne Maujean March 15, 2021 Off