Author: Daphne Maujean

Is a pad essential?

Appeared several decades ago, the pad has become an essential accessory in saddlery, and even a must-have for some riders. However, using the wrong pad can have major consequences for the health and well-being of your horse. In this article, we give you our advice on choosing the right pad. What is a pad? The saddle…

By Daphne Maujean July 20, 2021 32

Leading my horse to performance with the iPULSE

Our goal? To help you progress and improve your level of performance, while always respecting your horse’s physical integrity. Several factors – the living conditions, food, morale, … – influence the horse’s well-being and therefore his performances. The iPULSE is a tool that helps you evaluate the physical and cardiac abilities of your horse. With…

By Daphne Maujean June 4, 2021 0

Discovering the iSPORT app !

You just purchased an iPULSE girth or a saddle equipped with the iJUMP Inside option? You downloaded the iSPORT app (available on iOS and Android), but you don’t understand how to navigate in the app? Nothing simpler! Discover in the tutorial below how to use the iSPORT app. Here you are! Now you know…

By Daphne Maujean April 2, 2021 0